Illustrations to raise a sense of wonder and delight in our natural world.

drawing nature in

live in wonder

room to dream

drawing nature in

She gazed up as the sunshine’s dappled light flickered between the fluttering leaves. Allowing warming rays to dance on her belly and toes. 

‘Oh, how lovely!’ – (I’m sure) she thought.

Gently swaying between the branches, her hammock hugged her comfortingly and joyously. Delightfully different from her free legs, which were revelling in the playful breeze. Watching, listening, smelling – taking it all in and sensing the warm friendliness of the wilderness.

Mother Nature knows how to charm – doesn’t she. My hope is that in years to come those free legs will climb everything from trees to mountains. Seeing the magnificent sights of our wondrous natural world. Because that wondrous natural world will still be there, maybe even more wondrous than before…  if she is given the chance to be wooed in childhood.

My aim with all my work is to echo the calm warmth that Mother Nature shares and relay a message of hope.