Room to Dream Range

A Room to Dream Competition

I recently ran a competition, aimed at children, during the month of April. Purposefully at a time when England, along with many other countries, were experiencing a lockdown. As I’m writing this, lockdown is still in place, though slightly lessened… but confusingly so. Covid 19, the Coronavirus responsible for the lockdown, has caused a complete change of life for many. Home life, work life and social life have changed, possibly for a long time to come yet. And social distancing is now a normality.

My aim with the competition was to reach out to children and encourage them to focus on what was, and still is, special to them at home. What space, room, den or imaginary place helped them to feel calm, happy and at peace, during the situation that lockdown produced. And then draw it – encouraging creativity. A great way to express feelings and share inner thoughts. Especially important when face to face contact with friends and family, outside their home, was impossible.

It was lovely to receive the entries that I did. Six in total, three girls and three boys. Aged, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12! A beautifully, uniformed range of entries – I couldn’t have planned it better!! But what was even lovelier was the range of themes within their drawings…

Flora, aged 7, chose to draw a sleepover with her best friend, obviously missing her terribly, drawn with lots of hearts. Beautiful.

William, aged 8, thoughtfully illustrated himself dreaming – in a hammock – of a house and the NHS and included a house for a guinea pig and a pollen farm! 

Freya, aged 9, drew her bedroom with such great attention to detail. Her favourite things included, music being one.

Joseph, aged 10, enjoyed time outside with his parents, camping, playing games and star gazing. He depicted this so beautifully in his winning entry!

Thomas, aged 11, included his favourite toys and his cat in his drawing of his bedroom. Such lovely pencil work and use of perspective.


Isla, aged 12, painted her most gorgeous dog, Martha. A ‘pawtrait’ to be very proud of. Just lovely.

What a beautiful mix and insight into what helps them all to feel safe and happy. Friends, family, pets and passions! A big thank you to all of you. I hope your creativity continues xx

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