Memories are like short films, played out in our minds. I love looking back and that is largely because I had such a happy childhood. Certain memories in particular I replay and I love it when one just pops into my head. Maybe from a fragrance drifting on the breeze, from a sound or from music. Or sometimes for no reason at all…


My name is Juliana and I am the creator behind Little Liefje. Childhood was a time filled with making and doing; knitting, sewing and my ultimate love of drawing. I was (and still am) happiest, with a project in mind, sketching with a pencil in my sketch book. And I am thrilled that my children now share my passion. 

A few years later I completed a BA Hons Degree in Graphic Design, specialising in Illustration. I then found a dream job, illustrating and designing for an award winning children’s game and puzzle manufacturer, which brought myself and my husband here to Norfolk. We are surrounded by nature, beautiful landscapes and gorgeous huge skys. I love it! Places to walk and explore and experience (for me) the important things in life. And now with two amazing children and a desire to spend as much valuable time with them as I can, Little Liefje was born.

Little Liefje

The name Little Liefje [little leaf-yuh] is a sentimental nod towards my much loved and appreciated dutch roots and to my amazing mother, who was a huge inspiration. Liefje is a dutch word that echoes feelings of affection and translated means ‘sweetheart’ or ‘darling’.

Memories play an important role in all my work. Either by creating products that will help you to capture your memories. By my (admittedly) own self indulgence. Pictorially depicting aspects of my memories and passing them on to you, as beautiful illustrated prints. Or by creating illustrations to help inspire your memories and your child’s.

My love of traditional post is also a focus of mine. The joy it brings when there is something special lying on the doormat, rather than junk mail. Another is the slower, calmer pace of life that generations (pre internet) experienced. When you could walk out the door without a phone and not feel bare or nervous. And our Earth, for we only have one and we all need to look after it.

With all this in mind, I have created my ranges for you to keep, or to gift and for them to be treasured for years to come as keepsakes.

If you would like to keep on reading, head over to my very first blog post in my ‘Seasonal Journal’ – ‘My Story’.

Juliana xx

Commissioned projects

Below is a collection of commissioned work that I have been honoured to undertake. Please do get in touch if anything inspires a bespoke project that you have in mind. I’d love to hear from you xx