Children's Portraits

I feel so honoured when I get asked to illustrate someone’s child and the style I use fits nicely in with my other collections. I like to use bright, bold colours for the background and white for the clothing. This sits together nicely with the pencil line. If you have a photo of a lovely pose but the background isn’t great, then that is perfect for me to illustrate!

How I will illustrate your child

I work from good quality photos and start the illustrations by drawing the outline in pencil and then I add block colour digitally on my computer. You can choose whether or not to include a white border and even a little message. The choice of background colour is yours, but please bear in mind the colour on screen may alter slightly from the printed version. Once I am happy I will supply you with a digital proof for approval and then it is printed by the professionals. Pigment inks are printed onto high quality, acid-free, archival paper, made of 100% cotton rag. This has a subtle fibrous finish and results in an organic look and feel. The prints are sharp, detailed and vibrant. Sustainabilty is important to me so the paper used is carefully selected to have minimal impact on our Earth.

As a rough guide, please see the price list below. Mounted prints are available, they are mounted on an acid free white mount and backing board. All ready for you to frame. But of course, other sizes are available and the option of having several children in one image is too. As well as ordering more than one sized print. Please get in touch for a quote xx 

Click on the above images for close up views.