My name is Juliana and I am the creator behind Little Liefje. I owe my passion for all things hand crafted to my parents. Childhood was a time filled with making and doing; knitting, sewing and my ultimate love of drawing. I was (and still am) happiest, with a project in mind, sketching with a pencil in my sketch book. (I am thrilled that my children now share my passion.) A few years later I completed a BA Hons Degree in Graphic Design, specialising in Illustration. I then found a dream job, illustrating and designing for an award winning children's game and puzzle manufacturer, which brought myself and my husband to Norfolk.

Here we are surrounded by nature, beautiful landscapes and gorgeous huge skys. I love it! And now with two amazing children and a desire to spend as much valuable time with them as I can, Little Liefje was born. (Excuse the pun.)

The name Little Liefje [little leaf-yuh] is a sentimental nod towards my much loved and appreciated dutch roots and to my amazing mother, who was a huge inspiration. Liefje is a dutch word that echoes feelings of affection and translated means 'sweetheart' or 'darling'.


Feel free to follow us on Instagram and Facebook. You'll find out that I love walking, cycling and taking in deep breaths of fresh air in the beautiful Norfolk countryside. Come on over and say 'Hi'!