drawing nature in

Little Liefje has been created by Juliana who lives in the beautiful Waveney Valley in Norfolk. Halfway between where she grew up in Nottingham and (what felt like) her other childhood home in the Netherlands. She gained a BA Hons degree in Graphic Design and worked as an illustrator and designer for an award winning game and puzzle manufacturer. Little Liefje is an illustration led brand, inspired by nature and created to encourage the ongoing connections that we can all share with our wonderful wilderness. Connections that result in our world flourishing and also those individual world’s of our children. Her aim with all her work is to echo the calm warmth of Mother Nature and to share visual delights of the simple pleasures that nature can bring. Sharing the emotions felt – through illustration and words.

Her projects are works in progress. Illustrations depicting real children finding joy in the fauna and flora around them. The collections of illustrations will be available to buy as prints very soon. So you too can draw wonder and delight into your own home. Her ultimate dream is to gather them together to create a children’s book of short stories. 

To join Juliana on her journey – of finding the wonder and delight that is outside – you can follow her on Instagram.

And just incase you are curious… Liefje (pronounced leaf-yuh) is a Dutch word that echoes feelings of affection and translated means ‘sweetheart’ or ‘darling’.


And this is where it all began…

Years ago I met a blackbird. He had a little white feather on his wing. He stood, not very far away from me, while I looked on in wonder. Back then, my mum had to hunt for a ‘proper’ camera – and as the photo shows, the charming blackbird waited patiently. He visited many times and I was so full of joy that he did.

To feel that connection with something wild and free (that didn’t have to wait) felt so special. My aim is for all children to feel connections with the fauna and flora around them and to go forward in life creating a wondrous world, that encourages and nurtures the wilderness. Our lives can be appreciated so much more when the marvel of the outside world is realised.

‘For me – hearing the geese fly overhead, feeling the warm sensation of the sun on my face or breathing in the smell of autumn in the woodland – starts the day with magic.’