Live in Wonder Collection

I certainly do live in wonder, it’s good to wonder, to be curious and to never settle for monotony. Inspiring our children to explore the natural world and to connect with their own thoughts is my intention with this collection. Encouraging our little folk to stay true to their own being, hopefully forging a more relaxed, calm spirit.

Art prints to inspire

A beautiful collection of five prints, available in various sizes for any sized room. Choose from an A4, an A3 or an A2. Inspired by the coastline and countryside around me and also by the lovely innocent curiosity that fills children. Best friends are important and so each child is depicted with a soft toy doll that goes everywhere with them. They are illustrations of the actual dolls by the very talented wonderforest co. Thought has gone into the card that they are printed on. Giving a sense of quality but also natural simplicity. Our Earth is at the forefront of my mind with all my work, so choices to minimise impact are important to me.

Children's Art Print - Girl - Little Liefje
Bare Foot & Free
Children's Art Print - Searching - Little Liefje
Children's Art Print - Paddling - Little Liefje
Paddling in the Shallows
Children's Art Print - Boy - Little Liefje
Hey There!
Children's Art Print - Fishing - Little Liefje