My Story

My Story

I have struggled to find my story and to find out how to do, what I know what I want to do. I love illustrating and I love being able to help others and bring happiness to others. I love animals and children and am constantly fascinated by both. And finding ways to work that doesn’t impact in a negative way on our earth is also crucial. More than anything, these past few years have helped me to see that I need all these things in my life and my business. But it is only until fairly recently I have felt a great sense of purpose for my business, the story for my business. Why I do (and want to do) what I do. It feels like my subconscious has always known, that there is a part in me since I was born that knew where my path would lead. Moments in my history have moulded me to be able to shape the business, which is now evolving. And I love the way it feels, like I am staying true to my soul’s beliefs. It is exciting.

I am writing this first blog post to expand on my ‘about’ page. It is too lengthy to post it all there and for some it would have no relevance. Customers who simply want to buy a print for a gift may not want, or need, to know the reasons behind Little Liefje and what I hope to bring to my social presence. So for all of you who are reading this, thank you for listening.

For me, Little Liefje is more than a way for me to showcase my artwork. More than a way to financially sustain the life that I dream of. And also more than a way to just connect with customers and sell my work. Though all of those are necessary and do make me happy. The story that I have had silently brewing in my head comes from a desire to help everyone lead their most true life (from their beginning). In a world full of, well, everything it is hard to really tune into what our soul needs. And, in my eyes, this is a necessity, so we can feel truly content, free and connected to ourselves. We can eat food and we can exercise to keep our bodies fit and healthy. We can learn new things, travel and connect with others to keep our mind healthy. But all to a point. Our soul, the true essence of who we each are feeds our mind and body too. And that is what we and our children need to be in tune with, to be able to feel free and fulfilled. To live our best lives.

The modern persuasiveness of life at present can make it hard to recognise our true nature, our true being. And pressures from our peers, our society and our own thoughts (of what we think we ought to be like) are forever around us. 

Our mental health is something we all need to be aware of and teaching our babies will go a long way to help them and their evolving world. My aim, through Little Liefje, is to create ways for you, as parents, to beautifully record wonderful initial moments in your baby’s life. Giving them a sense of self worth for when they are older. And onwards, to provide encouragement for a life of natural wonder in your growing child. By using illustrations to ignite passion, interest and familiarity in their own world. Memories, consciously or not, shape our future selves. If these are happy and remind us of our inherently true selves, then we as individuals (and as a world) will become happy little campers.

But I don’t feel I can fully tell my ‘story’ on my own. And so my hope is to also collaborate with other businesses, to work with charities, to grow my awareness with like minded individuals. Subtly inspiring a greater audience. And the best part of that? Being able to champion other businesses too and work together in various ways to help each other. Illustrating others’ products within my illustrations is one way. My hope is to expand on this and any ideas for collaborations are always, most definitely welcome.

Little Liefje, will be more than an online store, where you can find products adorned with heart felt illustrations 💛 It will be a place where you can come to for a break from the monotony. Maybe a place to have a laugh and a cry, to lose yourself for a moment and to be you. In this blog, through social media and through my collaborations, my intention is to share my journey and to encourage you to just ‘be’.

Juliana x

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