other work

As well as celebrating the new 'human' lives that excite our world, I also like to help celebrate 'other' new lives and occasions that we also experience throughout our lives. Below is a collection of the work that I have felt so honoured to take on as a bespoke service. Please feel free to get in touch if there is anything that you would like to know more information about.

Wedding invites

These wedding invites were designed, taking inspiration from our Seasonal collection. A hand drawn patterned background was made personal by illustrating elements from the brides bouquet and adding illustrations that depicted the bride and groom's careers and their family.

CharlieFullWeb CharlieCloseUpWeb
MolliePencilWeb MollieColourWeb
MrDfullImageWeb MrDcloseUpWeb

The love we have for our pets can't be underestimated! Here are some commissions I have recently had for pet portraits. I used a mix of pencil sketch and computer work, so text could easily be added to the finished pieces.


Illustration can be used for numerous projects. Here a silhouette of a child reading was created for a logo design.