Room to Dream Collection

A collection that is a bit of an indulgence on my part. Because in each illustration there is a memory from my childhood. Happy memories. Each represents a different time of day, sunrise, midday and sunset. As a collection they represent the reflective moments of children’s daily lives. Moments when it is necessary to lose themselves in a good book perhaps or listen to their favourite music. 

Art prints to inspire

These beautiful prints are available in three sizes, A4, A3 and A2, to enhance any sized interior. They have been inspired greatly by dutch interiors and my family’s homes, with large windows that generously let in light. Each illustration also includes a dolls house, which is a drawing of the wonderful wooden playhouses that Wool and Woodies design and make in the Netherlands. Thought has gone into the card that they are printed on. Giving a sense of quality but also natural simplicity. Our Earth is also at the forefront of the design of all my work, so choices to minimise impact are important to me.

Children's Art Print - Sunrise - Little Liefje
Children's Art Print - Midday - Little Liefje
Children's Art Print - Sunset - Little Liefje